• For Sunrises
    And Sunsets
    See The Trail Ahead
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  • Enjoy The Outdoors
    50+ hours continue
    battery life
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  • Work Smarter
    Hands-Free LED Lighting
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  • Enhance The Hunting
    Or Fishing Experience
    Great for early morning
    or end of day hunts
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  • The Next Essential
    Piece of Gear
    Rechargeable hand warmers
    with power pack
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Bring your brand to life with Panther Vision’s line of premium lighted products!

Get the most out of your promotional programs with these unique ball caps that perfectly blend functionality and style to deliver a product sure to draw attention to your brand. Plain and simple, your customers will live in their Panther Vision® Caps. Whether it’s in the woods, around the house, or on the job site, these are products that people use and talk about time and time again.


When your hands are free, you can work more, you can play more, and do more altogether.
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Panther Vision® first developed our hands-free lighting devices in 2002, and we have spent the last 10 years perfecting and refining the technology.
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How many times do you find yourself needing a flashlight or headlamp? In the garage, under the sink, in the yard, on the job... The possibilities are endless.
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Tradeshow Premiums, Corporate Gifts, Safety Initiatives, Uniform Supplements, this is a promo people use!
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