Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum order quantity is 12 pieces of one color/ style.

We suggest ordering 36 pieces.

Generally the solid color, 2 LED caps retail between $17 and $19.95. The licensed camouflage patterns range between $20 and $24.95 for the two light designs. These prices are for blank goods! The blank prices for the four light designs range from $25-30. After adding value to the cap with embroidery, there’s no telling how much you can get for the product!

Lithium coin cells. CR-2032’s to be exact. This size battery is great because it packs three volts of power, while only weighing 3.1 grams.

Yes, of course. These batteries are available at retail for customers to purchase wherever batteries are sold. Panther Vision can also sell batteries in bulk to you the distributor at a discounted rate.

Battery life will vary with each user, but the general rule of thumb for intermittent use is 50 hours.

You can embroider anywhere on the crown of the hat. The battery housing folds out so that the embroidery hoop can be attached, just like you would on a normal cap. We do not recommend embroidery on the bill of the cap. This is where the button switch is located, and embroidery in this area may damage the internal wiring.

Panther Vision does not have domestic in-house embroidery capabilities. We do have the ability to contract work out to an embroiderer.

For custom orders, embroidery can be done at the lay flat stage of production, and would be included in the quoted price of the custom order. Custom orders start at 576 pieces of the same color/ style embroidery.

For all in stock caps, we ship next business day out of Ontario, California. We then generally use UPS or FedEx for shipping. If you were to place a custom order of 576 pieces or more that turn around time is about 75-90 days after project approval.

The PowerCap™ is the cap that’s based on the retail versions mentioned above. It is constructed with 100% 16X12 cotton twill that is both brushed and washed. This cap has sandwich trim on the brim, and uses the finest quality LED lights available for purchase. It comes in 17 stock colors and licensed patterns, and can be purchased in quantities as low as 12 pieces.

The PowerCap™ Stealth is our lower cost alternative available exclusively to the wholesale market. Like the PowerCap™, this cap is 100% cotton, with the main differences being the weight of the fabric and the LED lights. The PowerCap™ Stealth is lightweight 10X8 cotton fabric; great for warmer climates. Additionally, the PowerCap™ Stealth series uses commodity grade LED lights. These lights are of the same brightness as the PowerCap™ bulbs; they just give off a slight bluish tint. We currently stock this item in 4 colors and styles, and the orders can be done in cases of 48 pieces.

A structured cap is one that has batting, or buckram behind the front two panels of the six paneled cap. This batting is made of a mesh material and is sewn in the inside of the cap to stiffen the front two panels. This serves the purpose of making the hat stand up, with a slightly more formal look, slightly away from the head of the wearer.

An unstructured cap has nothing behind any of its six panels, and forms to fit the head of the wearer. This design is often thought of as a relaxed fit.

There is no price difference between the two styles!

At this time, the market is not demanding unstructured in the camo patterns. Panther Vision works directly with some of the biggest names in the outdoor apparel business, so, if and when trends change, we’ll be all over it! Also, keep in mind that custom orders are always available.

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