What makes the PowerCap so effective?

What Makes a Good Promotional Product?

A good promotional product presents a tangible item that helps to carry out a specific, targeted goal, with the ability to reach a company’s target consumers, employees, as well as the general public. The more useful this product is to the end user, the more successful the promotional campaign.

Keeping this in mind, let's evaluate the PowerCap™

Panther Vision has been at the forefront of LED task lighting since 2006. The PowerCap™ represents third generation technology with one major goal: To put light where you look. Because there are so many instances where this a need for focused task lighting arise in every day life, the PowerCap™ becomes a product that average people use over and over. More uses amount to more impressions of the cap, and thus higher promotional value. According to a 2008 Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, the common ball cap provided an average of 476 impressions per month. A number that amongst other promotional products ranks second only to promotional bags. Now, add the functionality of a high powered flashlight, and this product really gets exciting. We’ve surveyed our customers, and found that the PowerCap™ averages about 1,650 impressions per month. (More than three times the average).

We’ve seen people use the PowerCap™ for hunting and fishing, various hobbies, home repair, grilling, walking a pet, law enforcement, as part of a service uniform and as a safety device, just to name some. Every day we talk to people all over the country who tell us new uses for the product, and can’t believe how functional it is.

Premium Quality

Constructed with 16x12 brushed and washed cotton, and the finest LED lights money can buy, the Premium Series PowerCap™ is an elite quality cap. So many times companies go wrong with their promotions when they try to cut corners on quality to meet a price point. In doing so, they create something that may look nice on a shelf, but if it’s not out being used in the marketplace, its value is greatly diminished. This is not only a product that people use, it’s a product they are happy to use. This makes it uniquely valuable as a promotional product.

We've got what people want!

We’ve worked hard over the years to listen to customers to make the PowerCap™ better. The convenient button switch under the brim of the cap makes turning it on and off at any time easy for the user. The lightweight, long lasting, coin cell lithium batteries concealed in the sweatband of the PowerCap™ provide the power to make the cap perform at the highest level, while also being easy to access for replacement. The PowerCap™ comes in more than 15 different stock colors, patterns, and styles. Four of these patterns include licensed camouflage from the likes RealTree, and Mossy Oak. Being able to provide clients with the biggest names in the camo industry is a great selling point. The PowerCap™ comes in both structured and unstructured designs to fit the needs of any client, and customers can choose the number of lights on their cap, as well as different color configurations for the lights. If there’s still something that the customer wants that isn’t a stock item, flexible custom programs that cater to their more specific needs are always available.

Multiple Price Points

Finally, the PowerCap™ is available in two models. The premium series which is based off of the PowerCap™ that sells in major retail chains across the country, and a promotional series called the PowerCap™ Stealth that was created to be a high-quality power player in market of corporate give-aways. The Stealth features under brim lighting and provides all the great benefits of the lighted cap at a very attractive price point.

Thank You!

At Panther Vision, we love bringing unique and functional products to market; it is this inventive spirit that drives our company each day. However, it is with the help of distributors like yourself that make selling our products possible. We realize the value of great distributors, and work very hard to support your efforts. For our existing distributors who have worked with us in the past, thank you for your support. And, for those of you who are still looking to break through, let us know how we can further assist your efforts.

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