About Us

Who Are We?

Founded in 2002, Panther Vision LLC is a division of Waters Industries Inc. Our goal is to be THE SOURCE of innovative, “hands free”, ultra-bright LED task lighting solutions for promotional products industry. Panther Vision product designs are focused on easily lighting the areas where you work with your hands, where you read or where you do activities. Because all of our products are highly useful for everyday tasks, they make for memorable, high impression promotions that won’t end up in a closet, drawer or the trash. Our Philosophy: Management and employees of Panther Vision believe in...

  • Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Designing & Manufacturing Innovative Products that Deliver Value
  • Providing Responsive Customer Service
  • Utilizing the very best materials and manufacturing processes for all our products
  • Being Good Stewards of Our Environment

At Panther Vision, we sell our lighted headwear and optical wear exclusively through promotional products distributors and apparel decorators.

Why Buy From Us:

At Panther Vision we design and manufacture every product to exceed your expectations. Our patented designs offer you unparalleled performance at a great value so that you can count on our products to perform for your clients. Offering, the lowest cost per impression and repeat business. All Panther Vision products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty which means our quality and performance is backed up by more than just words. Panther Vision products are there when you need them to “Light Your Way, Hands Free.”

Our Origin

Panther Vision lighted headwear is designed to provide hands-free task lighting in poorly lit locations. The cap is based upon standard baseball style design with patented integration of two or more LED’s into the front edge or concealed under the brim. The super bright white LED’s provide powerful and useful light. Red and green LED’s are also available for night vision applications. The caps are great for all types of low light and night time activities such as dog walking, hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, grilling/tailgating, dark parking lots, changing a tire, etc. Additionally, professional tradesman such as plumbers, computer techs, electricians, automotive techs, cable industry, etc. will find this product highly useful. EMT’s, fire and police also find our caps essential in performing their everyday tasks. They also can be considered as a safety device for kids at night. On the other hand, our POWERCAPS® and CAPLights™ are just plain fun and make a great conversation piece.

The president of our company is an inventor. Since our company’s conception in 1988, we have a track record of innovations such as the LitterMaid auto scooping cat litter box and the Endless Summer patio heaters. He was sailing in the Caribbean at night and needed hands free light to work the boats rigging and steering while navigating a storm. The solution that is still used by tradesman and DYI workers today is holding a small flashlight in their mouths while working with their hands. Flashlights tend to be dirty and can be detrimental to your dental work. Out of the darkness of that night, the lighted cap was conceived. Since the original CAPLight™ invention back in 2002, we have developed three, four and six LED POWERCAP® version to assist in operating the dingy back and forth to shore at night. He is also an avid runner and pilot and has developed specialty caps geared for night safety training and piloting at night while preserving night vision.

Hat Operation: There is two or more LED’s nicely integrated into the brim of the cap. They are wired to a battery power unit in the sweatband with an on/off switch located under the brim of the cap. The standard power unit uses (2) or (4) coin type lithium batteries that are readily available at most drug and convenience stores. The average battery life for a two LED hat is 30 hours continuous and up to 75 hours intermittent operation. We also have a “professional series” battery pack unit that uses three AAA type batteries for longer life and to power higher power LED versions. They offer the professional users up to 150 hours of continuous operation. There is also a rechargeable version in the works that features a cell phone type battery as well as a solar cell.

Marketing: Presently we are selling to promotional products distributors and contract embroiderers. We offer premium and promo versions of the cap at price points to match. While being highly functional, they also make an unforgettable promotional piece and can help open up new avenues of business opportunities. We feel that the potential markets for this product are almost limitless.

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