Navigator Caps

Day or night, in the air or on the water have the best of both worlds with these dual light Pro Series caps

  • 6 LED design for task and distance lighting:
    • 2 red LEDs under the brim for task lighting / preserve night vision
    • 2 white LEDs under the brim for task lighting
    • 2 LEDs in the brim for distance and overhead lighting
  • Separate switches for red and white lighting options
  • Ideal for aviation, sail & motor boat navigation. Wear under a headset as there is no top button, Pre-flight and post-flight inspections, and hands -free cabin lighting.


  • Domestic branding available by embroidery, patches (MOQ 48 pieces) and heat transfers (MOQ 96 pieces).
  • Custom factory orders start at 576 pieces (click here for details).
  • Contact us to order branded items.
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